About Us


Overlooking a splendid seafront view on Straits Quay, the Sea Queen ensures that all her patrons dine royally with the freshest-caught treasures of the sea, prepared by skillful master chefs who have been specially trained in a host of authentic and mouth-watering local cuisine. 

Our long history of seafood excellency can be traced back to our founder, Madam Loh Yeng, who was queen of the wholesale seafood supply industry and a specialised seafood chef in her heyday. 

Born in 1953, Madam Loh was raised in a fishing village in Gertak Sanggul, located on the southeast coast of Penang island. Her brothers were fishermen and from a young age, Madam Loh was exposed to all types of seafood that were freshly caught daily. 

In 1971, she married Master Lai Kiew and became involved in the wholesale seafood supply industry. Together with her king, their company became the main seafood supplier to many famous restaurants of the 1980s including Hollywood Restaurant, Marco Polo Restaurant, Jade View Restaurant and more. 

Madam Loh then decided to venture into her own seafood restaurant business after some years, and thus, Kampung Nelayan was opened during 1991. During that time, the restaurant had a famous chef by the name of Low Pat Kan who was a master in seafood cuisine. Under his tutelage and apprenticeship, Madam Loh learned her skills of preparing and cooking the freshest seafood into delicious authentic local cuisine.

From there, Madam Loh went on to open the Harbour View Restaurant in 1993. It was the biggest restaurant in Penang with 12 VIP rooms and the capacity to accommodate up to 2000 patrons for dinner functions. 

Today, the Sea Queen is a testament of Madam Loh’s long experience and love for seafood. Specialising in freshly caught local seafood with a variety of delicious authentic cuisine, the Sea Queen fully accommodates up to 1800 patrons or 180 tables for both indoor and outdoor events including weddings, annual corporate dinners, anniversaries, birthdays and any other functions that require a touch of royal tasting seafood cuisine.