Sea Queen Seafood Restaurant Package Terms and Conditions

海峡湾餐厅宴席配套优惠 Sea Queen Seafood Restaurant Package Terms and Conditions

(恵顾十席以上) (Ten (10) Tables and above)

  • 入场花架迎宾。
    Floral Wedding arch at the entrance of the restaurant

  • 主家席舖台及椅套
    Special settings for host table.

  • 全场提供精美椅套
    Other tables set up with luxury chair covers

  • 免费提供一个结婚蛋糕模型供切糕仪式
    Complimentary of beautifully decorated Dummy Wedding Cake.

  • 免费提供标准规格的字幕背景
    Complementary Standard Backdrop to grace the occasion

  • 免费提供香槟杯塔装饰
    Complimentary Ceremonial “Champagne Fountain”  02 bottles

  • 免费提供两瓶果汁香槟-供开香槟仪式
    Complementary Two bottles of Non Alcoholic Sparkling Juice 

  • 免费提供标准AV音响设备.(演说及轻音乐)
    Complementary Standard AV Sound  System .(Speeches and Pipe in Music only )

  • 免费提供影视机
    Complementary TV for video or photos presentation

  • 提供新娘更衣间
    Bridal Changing room

  • 免费提供嘉宾请柬(不包刮印刷及信封,每席五张)
    Complimentary Wedding Invitation cards ( Excluded of printing and envelope, 05 pieces per table )

  • 全场无限量果汁及茶水
    Free Flow of Fruit Cordial , Chinese Tea and Purify Water.

  • 特别优惠价啤酒/红酒
    Special Promotion Price for Beer /Red Wine

  • 试菜一桌供10位用按菜价50%优惠
    A Palatable Food Tasting for 10 people at 50% discount

  • 订金RM3,000.00 (此订金恕不被退还)
    Deposit RM3,000.00 ( Deposit are Non Refundable )

  • 付款方式;现款/ 信用卡。餐后立清
    Term of Payment: Cash/Credit Cards, Full Settlement Immediate After Dinner.

  • 此条款内容不得转让或转账。
    Package benefits are not Transferable or Exchangeable for any services.

  • 本套条款解释权归槟城海峡湾餐厅所有。
    Sea Queen ,Penang reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time at its own discretion